Approval 5G Terminals in Chile

Since 2021 this mobile technology is being deployed in Chile to meet current and future wireless communication requirements, especially to provide services that require low latency.
The winning bands and companies of the tender are distributed in 700 MHz (WOM), AWS (WOM) and 3.5 GHz (Entel, Movistar and WOM) and their assigned spectrum blocks.
How are the homologations of these devices being carried out?
Companies wishing to commercialize equipment including 5G must be verified in the same way as devices featuring 2G, 3G or 4G technologies, where compliance with the following conditions will be checked and analyzed:
– Comply with homologations and certification regarding 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.
– Compliance with approvals and certifications with respect to SAE messaging.
– Present a 5G homologation certificate that supports technical characteristics issued by an internationally recognized organization in standardization or homologation of this type of equipment, or a technical data sheet or manual from the equipment manufacturer.
– The information describing the 5G compatibility will be stored and made available for inspection by the authority when deemed appropriate.
– Our laboratory will issue a certificate in accordance with the provisions of RE-849.

How is equipment with these technologies identified?
All equipment that presents 5G technology, and after its homologation process, must consider the incorporation in the label the phrase: «5G: Find out about compatibility with each company».
Below is attached reference labeling that describes whether a device is approved and also has 5G technology.
The concessionaires of public telecommunications service, public mobile telephone service and mobile data transmission shall inform the public about the compatibility to operate with 5G in the different concessioned bands in Chile of the equipment they are marketing or advertising in the country, including:
– Brand
– Model
– Bands in which it operates with the 3GPP code and frequency in MHZ
– Supported bands for its 5G services
– IMEI registration in their web portal

If you have any questions or needs associated with devices with this technology, we invite you to leave us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.